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This week’s blog is all about regaining your ambition and drive, and actively working towards your goals. As we individually go about living our lives, we tend to forget the reasons why we start down our paths of progression, we begin to lose faith in ourselves as well as in our ambitions. I’m hoping by starting a conversation on drive, confidence, and ambition, you will feel more ready than ever to tackle everything that's on your own ambitions and feel confident in yourself and your abilities to.

Of course, I have to start this episode with a brief story about my own struggles with staying motivated and positive when it comes to ambitions and how I’ve managed through it all to stay driven. I’m going to be completely transparent when I say, It's never been a perfect journey for me.

Sometimes it’s hard staying motivated about one task when I’m constantly being pulled in different directions. For instance, I'll have more drive when I'm working on, but low drive when working on my other brands. I think it’s normal to go through these seasons where you're more excited to do one thing in your life over another, but I think it’s important to figure out why it is your having such low ambition in the other aspects of your life or work. It begs the question, “why did I start these endeavors in the first place?”

Looking at it from an objective standpoint, it can be a sort of reminder as to why you are putting your time and efforts into different projects, and can help you regain that ambition and that confidence that you need to move forward to be successful overall.

What does it mean to have high ambition one place, and low ambition another? Take it as excelling in your current 9 to 5 job, but neglecting you entrepreneurial endeavors. Although it might be normal to go through these seasons, I think it’s worth paying attention to and figuring out why you feel this way. When you start to look closer as to the why, maybe then you can begin to balance these two motivations in your life and explore what you like most about them.

You can decide if the work can be fused so you’re maximizing your efforts on both projects. Or maybe you’ll decide, "I like my creative entrepreneurial ambitions better", how can I make this a full time gig instead of just doing after my 9 to 5. Figuring out where and how you want to spend your time working can help you chart out a path for your life, and steer you in a more productive direction. But first things first, you just need to put in the work and figure out how you can get there.

When it comes to your drive, your passions, and your ambition, you need to look at the intentions behind them. I believe that when we go through the monotony of our day to day lives, it becomes easy to focus the entirety of our attention on one project, thus leading to discouragement that we aren’t doing enough. But where does this attitude come from? It stems from seeing what our peers are doing and the projects that they take on that our individual journey turns into a race.

With social media playing such a huge role in our society, we’re often in on what others are doing in the same industry and we create this competition in our heads.

For example, if I see a blogger or someone in my field doing a plethora of different things, and taking on several projects, I think you myself, "you need to be doing more amazing things too.” Or maybe you flat out think, “Maybe you’re just not good enough to be doing all the things they are." But your journey is you own, your race is not with anyone else, but yourself. You can not put yourself down and doubt your own ambitions, or you’ll only remain in this hindering mindset, stagnant, and unable to move forward in your life.

So what do we do when the self-doubt sets in? The first thing is accepting one of my favorite universal facts about yourself: You Are Human. These feelings are going to arise, but what’s most important is recognizing when you're allowing yourself to sit in this mindset and how to fight it to bring yourself back to reality. Nothing shakes me out of this mindset like a quote I saw the other day from Steven Furtick that reads,

"The reason why we struggle with insecurity is because we compare our behind-the-scenes with everyone's highlight reel."

Amen! Stop looking for ways to bring yourself down by focusing on what everyone else is doing. If someone is uploading all these superficial, good looking photos on instagram, you need to remember you don't know their real life. You don't know what’s happening behind their scenes, just like they don't know whats happening behind yours.

If this resonates with you, then tell me some of your goals and ambitions and let me be your accountability buddy! If you are open to it, feel free to comment what some of your goals and ambitions are. Leave your instagram handle and I will follow up with you to make sure you're holding yourself accountable and that you’re following through your goals. But in the meantime, here are three tips on ways you can clear your mind and continue on a path towards healthy motivation and confidence.

Tip #1: Take a Break From Social Media

When you’re an influencer or a blogger, or just someone whose business solely runs on social media, you don’t have to take a long break, but take a day or two for yourself and hone in on that energy that drives you. This will help you redirect your self-doubt and do more that makes you feel good about your personal and career journey.

Tip #2: Share Your Thoughts and Your Ideas With Your Close Family and Friends

Share with the people who will hold you accountable. Share your thoughts, ideas, doubts, and exciting news because these are the people that will listen, hold your best interests at heart, and push you to stay on top of your goals. But it has to be more than this, it’s also about sharing those negative feelings you have about yourself and your ambitions.

Relieving yourself of those negative thoughts and letting your family and friends be apart of how you feel and your thought process will give you a new perspective on your thinking. Plus, you'll feel ten times better!

Tip 3: Read About Your Idols

This is one of the ways I’m able to regain confidence in myself. Through reading about those who inspire me and their journeys as to how they got to where they are motivates me to keep working and striving towards my goals. I feel less down on myself and I think that's because if they can go through trials and tribulations, overcome obstacles and still be successful, then so can I. We think that our idols success was given to them overnight, but you have to understand their path, much like our own is not perfect.

But it was their constant, borderline obsessive determination to succeed that got them to where they are. So why can’t this work for you. Its normal to go through these rises and pitfalls where you're not feeling motivated or inspired, and it's normal to have hardships. But the real challenge is being able to acknowledge them, and rising above them in order to find your own success. Seeing it from someone you admire, it gives you that kick in the butt that you need in order to move forward.

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