Boss Talk with Pear Nova Founder Rachel James!

Updated: Mar 11, 2019

Meet Rachel James, founder of the 5Free. Vegan. Cruelty Free Nail brand, Pear Nova.. A brand that is influenced by innovators in fashion design, world travel & women working in all artistic media

Photo by Charles André Thomas

HerStyle Media: Give our readers some insight about yourself, who is Rachel James?

Rachel: “A mother to 2 amazing boys and a business owner. That’s about all I have time for these days.”

HerStyle Media: How did you get started with Pear Nova? What sparked the inspiration you had to create a growing and successful company?

Rachel: “I obtained my esthetician’s license after high school and started the idea of Pear Nova in 2012 shortly after I graduated from fashion school. I knew I wanted to start my own business and nail polish sits right in between beauty and fashion so it seemed perfect to me. In the beginning stages I always got asked, “Why don’t you go get a job at OPI?” Because I don’t want to work for anyone but myself and my kids, I am too damn picky, and in the end I’d like to step back and think – I did that.”

HerStyle Media: How did you come up with the name “Pear Nova”, how did you know this was the perfect name for your brand?

Rachel “I knew I was going to name it after my sister, Nova. I came across nova pear trees on Google one day and read that they are known to withstand extreme weather. Knowing how strong of a woman Nova was, I had to go right along with it.”

Knowing how strong of a woman Nova was, I had to go right along with it.

HerStyle Media: Being a super mommy to two boys, running your own business, along with other things, what advice do you have for our readers about key ways to balance a busy schedule?

Rachel: “Prioritize. Figure out what’s most important and handle that first. Be very open to sacrifice. Some things will have to get scratched all the way off the schedule for a while.”

HerStyle Media: How did it feel to have your product sponsored in gift bags for Draya’s Power Lunch? I know it had to be surreal that your product reached such a powerful network!

Rachel :“It felt great! Draya is opening a lot of doors for women business owners to network and get their products seen with her power lunches. I was just happy that Pear Nova was able to be in the hands of other women entrepreneurs like myself. ”

Be very open to sacrifice. Some things will have to get scratched all the way off the schedule for a while.

HerStyle Media: Have there been any celebrity nail artist who have used your nail polish on their clients?

Rachel “Yes. Manicurist, Whitney Gibson used “Blue Magic” on Amiee TeeGarden, who is most recently known for her role on Star-Crossed, for a cover of the beauty issue of Bello Mag. I’ve sent Pear Nova out to a nice handful of celeb manicurists so I just keep my fingers crossed and say a prayer that it will pop up on someone.”

HerStyle Media: As you know, we are a fashion and beauty blog, so what are some fun summer colors that Pear Nova has to offer for our readers?

Rachel: “The summer collection has 6 gorgeous colors. A vibrant teal, a rich plum, a warm pink, a sun kissed orange, a light turquoise and a champagne glitter."

HerStyle Media: Where do you see Pear Nova in the next 5 years?

Rachel: “I was just thinking about this the other day. In five years I see Pear Nova on runway models at Fashion Week, on celebrities for red carpet appearances, in every fashion magazine and in several dope boutiques across the world.”

HerStyle Media: I know starting your own company can be tough at times, what is some advice that you have for girls who are aspiring to start their own business, but don’t quite know what steps to take?

Rachel: “Do your homework, study your competition and know exactly how you want your brand to be perceived."

Instagram: @PearNova

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