Boss Talk with Alexandra Winbush Founder, Brittney Winbush

Updated: Mar 11, 2019

Meet Brittney Winbush, the 25-year-old founder and creator of your ideal “vibe in a box,” Alexandra Winbush.

Moving to a new city can be tough, but moving to a new city AND becoming a full-time entrepreneur can be even more difficult. Meet Brittney Winbush, the 25-year-old founder and creator of your ideal “vibe in a box,” Alexandra Winbush. If you’re not familiar with her brand Alexandra Winbush, then sis you are missing out. When you head to the site, you are able to determine the type of vibe you’re in, and from there you will be given the ideal #candle, tea and playlist that aligns with your mood. Pretty cool, right?

This super creative concept of a brand was introduced to us our our #NYC Create and Chill event. After hearing Brittney speak about the launch of her brand, we knew we had to chat with her about how this all came about as well as how she’s able to balance it all. Keep reading for the inspirational #girlboss vibes that Brittney gives off in our chat with her:

On Her Move To New York

"It’ll be two years in August since I moved to New York on a whim with my best friend Chandler. It was a very quick process, we made the decision and started looking for jobs but quickly realized we needed to be in New York to get hired in New York so we decided to just go. We only told a handful of friends because we didn’t know what would happen once we got there, we just wanted to do. Unfortunately, I go sick in the midst of our grand plan, and had to have a surgery. I was on bed rest for 14 days after my surgery and on the 15th day we moved to New York. We had no jobs, no where to live, and no real plan besides make it work or go back to Atlanta. In a way this describes my life, a go getter. Some people need solid plans and an exact blueprint – not me, I just need the goal. However I get there is between God and myself – I’m open to the journey and since moving here, it’s been quit the journey."

Some people need solid plans and an exact blueprint – not me, I just need the goal.

On Her Day-to-Day Routine As An Entrepreneur

I’m still learning everyday what goes into being an entrepreneur and because of that, each day looks so different. I do have some things I try to stick to on specific days.

On Sundays, I plan out my social content for the week. I also try to take pictures and make graphics for anything I will need that week.

On Mondays, I have a phone call with my mom, I tell her what goals I have so she can hold me accountable and she also tells me what she would like to see me accomplish for the week. On Mondays I also try to be a little bit more social media heavy because I want to get any last minute orders in before Tuesday.

On Tuesdays I ship orders. By shipping orders on Tuesday, my customers usually have their packages between Thursday and Friday, which gives me great weekend content.

Besides that, everyday looks so different because I don’t know what will be thrown at me at any given moment. My company is still such a baby and I am still trying to figure out how to best utilize each day. As an entrepreneur everyday is a day of learning.

The Background Story On The Creation Alexandra Winbush

Alexandra Winbush is my passion project that is meant to give the world a little more peace.

In December of 2017 whenever anyone asked me what I wanted for my birthday, I said candles. I didn’t get any though haha. So when my brother asked me what I wanted for Christmas, I said candles and he got me the most amazing candles ever. I was in love with the packaging and I thought, “Girl you really love candles”. After Christmas I flew back to New York from Atlanta and lit my candles and that’s when the initial thought hit me. I told my mom and only my mom – that was in January. I announced my company the last week of April and official launched on May 1st.

Alexandra Winbush is my passion project that is meant to give the world a little more peace. We sell candles that are matched with a tea flavor and accompanied with a perfectly curated playlist. Each set has its own unique vibe that will help you escape. The initial idea sparked for my love for candles. However, the development of the company came from digging deep into myself, “Why do I love candles?”, “What else do I love?”, “Where does this come from?” When I reflected on everything the common factor was my battle with depression that was heighten when I survived a house fire my sophomore year of college. So, the foundation comes from there. It’s ironic because it shows me that Alexandra Winbush was already in me 5 years ago.

On When She New It Was Time To Follow Her Dreams

Pretty much the second I feel it in my heart I go for something, it’s always kind of a leap of faith for me. If it does not work out and it did not kill me, I probably learned from it. On the other hand, if it does then great! That’s how it was with this move to New York. I knew it could go either way but once I decided in my mind I was going to move here, I just did it.

On The Importance Of Having Supportive Friends

One of the major growth moments I’ve had over the last year was caring more about myself and my well being, thus being protective of my energy. I actually had a lot of friendships that came to an end last year and I have no regrets about that. The people around me are angels in human form. They teach me so much mentally and spiritually. We grow and feed into each other in a way that is hard to grasp unless you’re in the circle. I really could not ask for better friends.

We are all #entrepreneurs and creatives for the most part, so when starting a business or brand and having the type of support system that I do,it’s like already having a little team before even starting.

On Who Inspires & Motivates Her

My parents are the most inspirational people in my life. I almost cannot believe they are actually my parents because they are such badasses! Both of parents are entrepreneurs, and during most of my developing years, I watched them create companies, separately and together. It is such an inspiring thing to witness up close. I am extremely motivated by them because I have seen their journey. It has been tough, there has been lots of road blocks, speed bumps, and all but they never stopped. Now they have 3 successful companies and knowing that they can do it helps me know that I can, too. They are also my biggest supporters. There’s nothing I can’t come to them with that they will second guess. They believe in me wholeheartedly and support me 110% in everything.

Her Advice To Aspiring Entrepreneurs

I would tell any entrepreneur on this journey to remember why you started down this path. It will never be easy, but it will be rewarding. You have to choose happiness and positivity. If you were to let every little thing that were to go wrong in your business affect you then you would run your company to the ground. With anything in life, you have to choose to find the positive in each situation. I remember one day carrying 25 orders down 3 flights of stairs and pulling my back. I started crying because it hurt so badly but the shipping place closed in an hour. I could have let that ruin my day and mood but instead, I was just grateful to have orders to ship. I think if I keep that kind of attitude my business will continue to thrive and I will keep my mental peace.

On Her Current Go-To Beauty Product For Summer

I’m masking all summer long! I love masking and I love trying new ones to see what works for me. I am also super obsessed with Base Butter’s RADIATE. On my no make up days, it’s all I wear.

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